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Making Jewelry To Pay Medical Bills

Making Jewelry To Pay Medical Bills Due to the high cost of medicine, doctor appointments, gas to go to the doctor, the announcement that my neurologist wants me to start Physical Therapy/Rehabilitation, and all the other adventures in my life, I have taken my enjoyment of jewelry making and am trying to use it to supplement my income.  If you like what I sale or … Continue reading Making Jewelry To Pay Medical Bills

Lab Results

I had many tests performed on Friday and more to go.  I received some of the preliminary findings.  Most of the “blood chemicals” were okay, except for 2 that indicate inflammation.  However, the spinal MRI indicated a small spinal cyst.  I have to complete the remaining tests before I’ll get to see the doctor to discuss options.  Also, I start rehab for post-traumatic brain injury … Continue reading Lab Results

My New Normal

So many people keep saying I should write a book about my life…but my life is still going so where would the book end?  Hopefully it’ll have many many more chapters!   On January 10, 2011, Dallas, TX was encased in the remnants of an ice storm.  Those happen occasionally, despite what non-Texans think about us…but we can’t drive in it.  That was well proven … Continue reading My New Normal