Doctors and Dreams

For those who are following my adventures, you might remember I had a neurologist appointment this morning to get the results of literally dozens of tests to determine the cause of my increasingly frequent and intense headaches.  Praise The Lord, this was one of my best appointments ever!  Aside from some minor findings that the doctor wants to casually monitor, the main finding was that … Continue reading Doctors and Dreams

Mammaw and Medical

I’ve mainly talked about my tumor on here, but today I’m going to start off a little differently.  My grandmother was supposed to be here early this morning to hang out and then go with me to the doctor on Wednesday.  Instead at 5 am, I got a call that my great-grandmother was admitted to the hospital so Grandma has to go be with her. … Continue reading Mammaw and Medical


I’m having a lot of medical bills start coming in.  With all the other crap I’m dealing with, doctor visits and stressing over the test results, I hate that finances keeping rearing their ugly head.  But I have to keep the faith, because God has provided thus far.  Not only a great job, but let me tell you a few amazing stories.  First, the motor … Continue reading Reflections

Waiting for Friday

Friday I go to the neuro-opthomologist.  I’m waiting to hear about going back to the ENT for vestibular testing (something to do with my inner ear and my balance…or lack thereof).  I made my neurologist laugh at my last visit…he had me “heel to toe” it, like a sobriety test….apparently a sober person should be able to pass.  HA!  I looked like the lady from … Continue reading Waiting for Friday

Tap And Teeth

Today I went to the opthomologist.  I was supposed to see a neuro-opthamologist, but was told the opthamologist would take imaging and then the neuro-opthamologist would review the finds.  She did a field of vision test, standard eye exam, and then looked into the eyes.  My pressure was even higher than last year, but with no sign of glaucoma, inflammation, or anything else.  So what … Continue reading Tap And Teeth

The Other BS

To many the abbreviation of BS means something dirty and crude.  To a diabetic, it means the same, but differently: it means blood sugar.  Yes, I’m a diabetic.  Whether due to genetics, the tumor, or my love of pasta, I’m not sure.  Maybe all three?  I’m treating with diet and oral medication.  If I can lose 10 pounds by May, my doctor may let me … Continue reading The Other BS