Doctors and Dreams

For those who are following my adventures, you might remember I had a neurologist appointment this morning to get the results of literally dozens of tests to determine the cause of my increasingly frequent and intense headaches.  Praise The Lord, this was one of my best appointments ever!  Aside from some minor findings that the doctor wants to casually monitor, the main finding was that my anxiety medication isn’t enough…I need one that helps with the physical manifestation of the anxiety…so I’m switching to Cymbalta (yeah, the one from TV) and adding a mild allergy medicine with headache preventative properties.  I don’t have to follow up with this doctor for 6 months unless something drastic happens…which I think the only thing drastic that will happen is improvement!  

On a slightly more frustrating note, with all these doctor visits and mediciines, and everything else, sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever acheieve my drean of owning my own little house.  Growing up, we moved ever 2-5 years and, as an adult, I’ve continued that pattern mostly due to rising rent costs.  I would love to buy a small house with a miniscule yard in a safe neighborhood so I can have roots, a small puppy, whatever wall colors I want, etc.  Every time I feel like my finances are straightening out, it seems the doctors and meds are determined to kink it like a waterhose.  I’ll put in my air purifier, water softener, and no carpet to help my allergies.  A nice kitchen.  A walk in shower so I don’t worry about falling with my balance issues.  I honestly think my little house would be benefital healthwise as well as obtaining a goal.  I have my jewelry site, am working, and am still dreaming though.  God willing, one day I’ll get my little house.


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