So, normally I have nothing but great things to say about the medical facility I go to.  And in 2 years, I guess one error isn’t bad.  However, it still ticked me off.  So what happened? Wednesday I had scheduled several diagnostic exams.  All day, in fact.  So I took off work to go to these appointments.  I did my part in that a week … Continue reading MisInformed

My fairy Story

Once upon a time, in a land known as Tyler, Texas, a young naive girl sat at the cusp of womanhood.  She was 19, intelligent, and ready for both adventure and security.  A phone call introduced her to what she had thought was a young girl’s fantasy.  A reformed bad boy.  He was staying with her aunt and uncle on the other side of the … Continue reading My fairy Story


Tomorrow is Sunday. A day of rest and relaxation….even more so because tomorrow, Mama is coming over! We’ll chill and chat and it’ll be so super nice! Now, for those of you who are thinking ‘she talks about her family as much as her health…and it’s nice!’….well, that’s true. Why? Because family is everything. Lovers, friends, coworkers…those come and go. Family, true family, is forever. … Continue reading Sunday


As most of you with medical issues know, money is tight. What starts as a decent paycheck is rapidly depleted by insurance premiums, flex spending accounts, co-pays, medicines, etc. Then you take in "normal living" stuff like rent, food, car and its expenses, and before long you’re looking at pennies in a jar. Things like clothes get put on an ever expanding list of "when … Continue reading BLESSINGS FOR THE TEMPLE


So, yesterday I went and had the results of my neuro-psych evaluation. My dear friend Kathy went with me, so she can confirm the truth of what I’m about to type. First the good news: no cognitive damages! In fact, my intelligence rated in the "above average" and "superior" in almost all categories!! The lowest scores were in the "upper average" range. With one exception. … Continue reading RESULTS AND REVIEWS


So I haven’t written in a few days and, trust me, you’re glad.  They took me off the anxiety medication I’ve been on so that I could start a new one.  I’ve been grouchy, emotional, tense, and have gotten on my own nerves.  Now, though, I’m starting to feel more like myself.  Apparently the new medicine, Cymbalta, can also help with anxiety induced migraines.  So … Continue reading Changes