So, yesterday I went and had the results of my neuro-psych evaluation. My dear friend Kathy went with me, so she can confirm the truth of what I’m about to type. First the good news: no cognitive damages! In fact, my intelligence rated in the "above average" and "superior" in almost all categories!! The lowest scores were in the "upper average" range. With one exception. My dexterity. Apparently, my coordination/balance/etc were in the "below average" range. She didn’t say how far below, but did express some concern while also notating that it was "not noticeable different on one side of the body versus the other, just overall" a level low enough to warrant further testing. Once I advised her I have vestibular testing scheduled for the 24th (due to Dr V noticing my lack of coordination and balance while walking), she seemed to be satisfied that "you’re doing what you need to do to take care of this issue" and reassured me that "there are generally several options for correcting this issue". No mention of what the options may be.

Another point that she mentioned was that I had a "severe" level of anxiety. She agreed, having read my medical stuff and having done the test, with prior doctors that I’ve apparently suffered from undiagnosed anxiety since childhood and that I seem to have improved with treatment. The many asthma attacks of my childhood were mostly panic attacks was the conclusion drawn several years ago with the initial anxiety diagnosis. And, amazingly, since being on anxiety medication, I’ve had almost zero asthma attacks. So, that definitely holds up that theory. However, she said even with the medication, my level of anxiety is concerning and it probably the cause of my recent mental lapses in memory and vocabulary. As she stated, "the severity of (your) auto accident, the severity of the concussion, the diagnosis and treatment of a brain tumor followed by other medical conditions related to the tumor, and finally a diabetes diagnosis could cause high anxiety levels in an individual with no anxiety disorder" but since I have an anxiety disorder, it’s enough that she strongly recommends I receive counseling. I’ll have to look at my budget to determine if that’s a viable option.



  1. Well that’s alot of news. Ryan went to a Christian counselor/physchologist and he was wonderful and willing to work with payment method, just a thought. Love and Prayers Aunt Liz

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