Birthday Reflections

It’s almost 5 am on my birthday. I’m 29 years old; not bad for barely surviving being born. I’ve survived my parents divorce, their re-marriages (great stepdad, one abusive stepmother followed by a young hip stepmother followed by dad wising up), 2 siblings, countless severe ailments (including a brain tumor and diabetes), near fatal chicken pox, 2 severe car wrecks and 3 minor ones (none … Continue reading Birthday Reflections

My Singles Ad?

If you saw me out walking somewhere, you’d probably not look twice. A short, round girl with straight blond hair and blue eyes behind thick glasses. Then suddenly you’d realize a child doesn’t have those curves. Then you might look again and you’d realize I’m a short, curvy woman. BBW. Except the height of your average 9 year old. If you bother to look closer, … Continue reading My Singles Ad?

Waking Dream

It started like a bad dream. One that you’re hoping against hope is only a dream, even as it plays out in your mind’s eye. But unlike a bad dream, waking wasn’t an option. Opening closed eyes wouldn’t make it go away. Trust me, I tried. Many times. Many mornings I’d awake, remember, and close my eyes again, trying to recapture the days BEFORE. Or … Continue reading Waking Dream