When “whats up” is not a casual question…

So, a lot is going on in my life.  And I do mean a lot!  Let’s start with the most dramatic.  Last Tuesday night I thought th sprinklers were hitting the windows of my apartment.  But when I headed to bed, I found my carpet soaked.  My upstairs neighbor’s water heater emptied itself into my apartment.  So in the middle of the night, I had maintance and the carpet guys at my house.  Needless to say I missed work the next day and therefore lost my overtime pay, a day’s wages, and my chance for the monthly bonus which is based in part on perfect attendance.  Today they replaced the padding under the carpet and cleaned the carpets.  I’m still waiting to learn when they’ll replace the ruined sheetrock in the hallway.  And I’m loving walking on wet carpet…~sarcasm~


My neighbor’s cat had 4 cute kittens. Nothing special..their cat and a stray. But cute. I was hoping to get one, but then they informed me they’re not giving them away, but selling them. For 40$ each!!! Heck, I can get cuter kittens for free off craigslist. If I’m going to pay for a kitten, it’d better be spayed and declawed…vaccinated at minimum…theirs are none of those. So, I guess I won’t be getting one of their kittens. My cat would probably be happy about that if she understood what I was talking about…

I’m still waiting to hear about the promotion I applied for at work. I’m trusting God about this one. Whatever happens, I’m sure it’ll be for the best. I want to eventually buy a house, so I need to figure out a way to get some extra money and get it saved. I want a cute little house with a second bedroom and a small study…I’d love to host exchange students some day!

On a sadder note, I received word that a dear acquaintance is not fairing so well. “D” suffers from a rare disorder that causes her to have recurrent tumors, several of which have impacted her brain. It’s not cancer, exactly, but whenever a tumor is removed, it releases spores into her bloodstream. Some are killed by her white blood cells but others plant throughout her body. They grow until they have to be removed and the cycle begins again. But with all the surgeries and medications, “D” has learned that her kidneys can no longer function and is undergoing dialysis. Unless she gets a transplant, but the chances of that are….well, prayer is needed. I realize when I hear about things like this that I’m very blessed that my tumor appears to be stable.

Speaking of prayers, my great-grandmother is suffering from pneumonia again. She’s in her 90s and keeps saying she’s ready to go, that she wants to see Paw-paw. She also has mild dementia and is wheel-chair bound (though she keeps falling because she refuses to accept that she can’t walk). It’s hard thing to watch. Selfishly, I want her here as long as possible because I love to see her, hug her, talk with her. Another part of me wonders if it’s cruel to keep her so well medicated so that she stays alive. But then I think that without meds, I wouldn’t be here, so am I being a hypocrite?

Speaking of blessings, you may remember me posting about my young friend who needed massive dental work? She just finished today getting her last cavities filled. She looks so great with her improved smile! Since I had my teeth fixed earlier this year, I know the relief that comes with feeling confident when your teeth show. I’m glad she can now experience that confidence. Also, since removing the dead teeth removed the infection from her body, some other problems cleared up as well.

Additionally, I just received notices of the graduation of a set of twins I used to babysit. Made me feel old. One of the twins “C” looked like an older, handsome version of the little boy I loved. The other twin, “S”, has changed quite a bit. He was also a cute little boy, and he’s now a very handsome young man, but he looks so different! Very much like his father..broad and with dark brown hair and coordinating features. It’s amazing to see them and remember how they used to be. I used to carry one on each hip, lol!