Vestibular Testing

Today I completed 3 hours of vestibular testing.  Not my idea of a good time.  I was put in a small round chamber with a spinning chair and told to follow the light.  Dizziness and nausea.  Then they want me to answer questions about animals, food, groceries, common names, etc.  I couldn’t focus.  Then I finally finish that torture, then they put my in a chair with a special “binocular” thing.  I was alternately put in the dark and then told to focus on rapidly moving lights.  About the time I was adjusting to the last phase (dark), they put what felt like ear plugs in my ears.  First they blew cold air, then warm air.  The left ear getting warm air blown in was the final straw.  I wanted to puke from the dizziness.  A migraine lit up my head.  I wasn’t sure if I wanted to cry or kill.  Or who.  Needless to say, it wasn’t my favorite day.  Not having my anxiety or migraine medication for 3 days prior to the testing probably didn’t help.


Then came the Results.  I have decided on my least favorite word.  It’s a small word, but I hate this word and all its synanyms with a fiery passion.  Rare.  Unusual.  Weird.  Odd.  Never seen this before.  Words my doctors tend to enjoy using in regards to me test results.  Bilateral vestibular impairment.  Apparently, unilateral vestibular impairment is more common (though not common enough that many people have heard of it).  Bilateral is “rare”.  Guess which I have….that’s right, the rare one.  So, I start vestibular rehabilitative therapy on Monday.    He said this could slow down my needing a cane for balance correction.  A CANE!?!?!  My grandmother uses a cane!  I’m 29 freakin’ years old!  A CANE!?!?!?  Not gonna happen until I can’t help it any longer!  


On the plus side, my visit to the glaucoma specialist yesterday went quite well.  My eye pressure has gone down to a normal range.  I’m feeling quite excited about this matter.