Love, Hatred, and Circumstances

The Bible teaches Love. Jesus was the ultimate symbol of love. He came from love, in love, and died for love. The ultimate sacrifice, death of a perfect life, for love. And the anti-Christ is hatred. And we’re taught to avoid hatred. That it will eat your soul and ruin your life. That is true. Even psychologists and other experts weigh in on the healing power of forgiveness…even the secular ones. Yet hatred is almost always portrayed as hatred of another human, another life form. And, yes, that sort of hatred it highly dangerous to all concerned.

But there’s another hatred that can so easily slip in. Can seep into our lives like toxins into an aquifer. I call it situational hatred. I’m not talking about the momentary disgust or frustration we all experience. I’m not even talking about the horror when we see or hear something on the news that rocks us to the core with "how can a person do that". None of those are what I’m referring to, though, given the right food-attention-they can grow into situational hatred.

The situation, for situational hatred to occur, in my opinion, has to be either a long term situation or one that will have long term consequences. Things like car accidents, medical diagnosi, deaths, divorce, abuse, or more. Things that you look back and still feel that sickening feeling of hatred alongside whatever other emotions are associated to the event. Maybe even masking the hatred?

Why do I bring this up? Because on Wednesday, I received a diagnosis and the doctor mentioned I might end up using a cane. The internet said worse. I got so upset. Then, I realized I was hating the diagnosis. Hating the situation I could one day be in. And I realized I don’t want to use today’s energy, today’s positive forces, on hating something I can’t change and/or something I can’t know. I might end up with a cane someday. But I can’t know that today. And I might get even more fashionable canes than my grandmother…who knows!

But in the meantime, I intend to pray away the hatred, the fear, the hurt…I WILL seek love and joy. Otherwise, that quality of life I feared will become reality based on my decisions. I will not let it be determined by my circumstances.