So it’s been awhile…

I know, I know, I haven’t posted in awhile. But when I update you on everything, you’ll understand.

First, medically, things are interesting. The diagnosis of bilateral vestibular deterioration has landed me in twice monthly physical therapy. I also do exercises at home. The therapy induces dizziness and then forces me to deal with it. I highly recommend it for a good time (extreme sarcasm). Plus my blood sugar has decided to go nuts. I’m not sure if that’s a results of new meds (new anxiety medication is working great), 3 ear infections in the last 2 months, or the un-healthy eating I was doing while grieving the loss of Patches. Maybe all three? Or maybe it’s all the nice yummy carrots I’ve been eating as a healthy snack? Additionally, I’m seeing a counselor. With all the medical issues and some other things in my past, my neurologist thought it might be a good idea as I have "some of the worse anxiety (he’s) ever seen". So, add two bi-weekly appointments to my already cramped calendar/finances.

Second, the kittens. Postage was officially renamed "Little Bit" though she’s a lotta bit of trouble! Her Siamese mother comes out in her talkative nature. She’s always talking…"mew mew mew" is a constant throughout the house. And it’s LOUD! How that much sound comes out of such a furry little body is beyond me! Shady has progressed from constantly hiding in shadowy places to following me at a distance. In the evenings, sometimes she’ll even crawl in me lap and nap. She reminds me of Patches in that regards; affection on her terms. When you see her silhouette, you see the Siamese in her, because unlike Little Bit, Shady is a quiet girl. However, together they run through the house like their tails are on fire. It’s hysterical!

Third, I’m apartment hunting. I hate moving. I’ve done it enough to know exactly how much I hate it. But the rent in my apartments will be going up upon my lease renewal and I can’t afford any more. Plus, I’m thinking of moving to Euless. Since it’s out of Dallas County, my electricity, insurance, and many other bills will drop in addition to the rent reduction! Hello, savings account! What does make me sad is that I really love my current apartment, but I just don’t love the thought of going into financial ruin over it…

Finally, I’ve started dating again. I met a guy online and we went out a few times. Intellectual compatibility was a bit of an issue, though. I was pretty bummed because he was a genuinely sweet, nice guy. We just didn’t have anything to discuss. I can’t live without intellectually stimulating conversations! But even though it didn’t work, I’m really proud of myself for getting out there and meeting somebody. And even prouder that I didn’t allow myself to fall victim to my normal desire to not hurt anyone’s feelings and allowed myself to admit that I couldn’t pursue a relationship with this very nice guy. I hate that he was hurt, but I realize it would have hurt him worse to have dragged out a relationship that wasn’t going to work.

I’ll try not to wait so long to post again! In the meantime, count your blessings!