Relaxing Weekend, Continued

Sorry, the blog wouldn’t let me continue, so I had to open a new post window.  

As I was saying, the mall looked the same as it did 6 years ago…except they’ve added Legoland and a SeaLife place, but those cost money, so we didn’t get to go in.  Oh, and a maze place.  Jenny and I have decided we’re going to save up a ton of money and go back.  We walked around for almost 3 hours.  Both of us are feeling muscles we’d forgotten we had.  But oh, what fun!  And the samples!  We sampled popcorn, pizza, cookies, pizza popcorn, smoothies, and I don’t know what else!  Since lunch was early and we didn’t have money to buy a snack, those samples kept us from having to leave and go home.  And since it was all tiny bites and, honestly, mostly popcorn, it wasn’t overly unhealthy.

Now we’re home and it’s almost dinner time.  I told Jenny we’re on our own for supper.  I plan to crash early so I can put in my regular shift and overtime tomorrow.  What a day!