The Myth of a Relaxing Weekend

I’ve heard people talk about a relaxing weekend.  Apparently, you get rejuvenated by spending time relaxing and resting….this is something that apparently escaped my DNA.  Let ms give you a run down of my weekend thus far (please keep in mind that my weekend is Sunday/Monday)…

Exit work at 5:08pm Saturday night.  It would have been 5 on the dot, but I couldn’t get this customer off the phone.  And he didn’t buy anything.  ~sigh~ can’t win them all.  So I get in my car and drive 1 1/2 hr (round trip) to pick up my friend Jenny who wants to stay with me for a week.  We stop for Jack in the Box on the way home because we’re both starving.  Once we’re home, kittens greet us as though I’ve been gone a year rather than a work day. It’s good to be loved.  Bedtime at around 10.

Sunday I wake up too early.  But it’s ok because church is at 10 and I have to get ready.  I take the extra time to talk with Jenny and look at apartments.  Then, church.  It was awesome!!!  Everyone was so friendly and warm.  Theyve invited me to a singles group and a singles devotional this week.  I’m trying to decide if I want to go.  I might go to one of them, but I have to check my work schedule.  After church, Jenny and I came home for lunch and a siesta.  Then my cousin called that they were on their way over…2 hours early! So, Jenny was a blessing and helped me frantically clean house.  I already had roast in the crockpot, so I just threw together some instant mashed potatoes and broccoli.  It seemed well received.  Leesh and I had great fun talking and playing legos with her son, Jason.  The guys, Joey and Kevin (I didn’t know he was coming), mostly played on their computers.  And Jenny hid out in the guest room with her computer.  Not sure when they left or what time I got to bed.  

Monday, today, has been the busiest.  We got up, went to Michaels Arts and Crafts store (we had a blast), then Jenny bought lunch at Panda Express.  Hadn’t been there in awhile.  It was ok for cheap Chinese food.  Then Jenny had a dentist appointment.  Then we went to Ashley Furniture so I could look at the bedroom suite I’ve been wanting.  It’s nice, but not as nice as it looks online.  I think I’ll keep looking.  Then we opted to check out Grapevine Mills mall.  I haven’t been there since before I started dating Glenn…and that was over 6 years ago!