It’s been awhile since I’ve posted but my life has been crazy. I’ve been sick with severe sinus infections for almost a year, so three weeks ago they did some major sinus surgery. The big concern was the pressure my sinus were putting on my already pressured brain. But I’m doing much better and healing nicely. Luckily my husband is very helpful when I’m sick. Yep, husband! No, I didn’t marry Jenny’s dad. I met a wonderful man (stepson of a coworker) who’s as nerdy and crazy as me. We love to debate while cuddling on the soda, sharing useless facts over dinner, competing over board games over snow-cones, and holding hands in church. On Thursday I have to go to another doctor appointment. My obgyn found a tumor in my uterus and we have to decide our course of action. So in summary, two tumors and diabetes are still active, got married, and enjoying my new normal.